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Thunder crashes. Flashes of lighting can be seen. The rain hits the roof really hard. The wind starts to blow. You can hear the tree limbs hitting the windows as if trying to say something to you. As the storm continues you hear foots steps downstairs and wonder whats going on. You here a faint cry and then complete and total silence. Your stuned in your bed. To scared to move very far you jump down and hide under neath it. You hear the footsteps go into the next room. All of sudden theres a blast. Not just any blast, A shot gun goes off. Not once but twice. Omg! you think quickly that was my brothers room. What in the hell is going on around here? You curl up in a ball shaking with fear. You dont want to be found and be the next on the list to be offed. How could this be happening to your family? Your family was normal.Honest. Hard working people who didnt lie or cheat to have what you have today. Who in their right mind would want you dead?

You continue to lay there still. You are hardly able to breath afarid that who ever it is might just hear you and come after you next. The footsteps begin to move. They are not creeping closer but further away from your bedroom door. They are heard slowly walking down the stairs until the front door opens and shuts with a loud bang. Trying to move quickly to get help you get up from under the bed and start breathing very hard. you grab your inhaler by your bed and take a couple puffs. Oh good I can breath now its time to get help. You grab the phone and dial 911. It seems like a long time before the orperator answers the line. You quickly explain what happened and tell the operator you need help sent right away. the operator takes down the information and tells you help is on the way and to stay on the phone until the police show up.

You start to cry on the phone to the operator who tells you, your going to be fine. You keep swearing that peson is going to come back. You keep being told to remain calm that help is almost there. You live five miles outside the city. How could a thing like this happen? You keep questioning yourself over and over again until you start to cry. by this time you are hearing the cop cars out front. You tell the operator you are going to hang up and go talk to the police about what just happened. She tells you to stay on the phone until they enter the home and find you. You dont want to wait that long. your familys life is at stake. what do you do? listen or just hang up anyway? Being the good one that you are you stay on the phone.

All of sudden you hear something from inside the house.

"Hello larsonville police...." You quickly hang up the phone and yelled back. "sir I am in here....Im scared to come out could you please come and get me outta here and please check on my brother I think he could be badly hurt......."

You hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. The police officer grabs you by the arm to lead you out of the room. You walk with them downstairs to hear another cop say "we have three stiffs in this house. Looks like the kid is the only one that made it out alive."

Your eyes start to tear. My mom and Dad and brother all gone? How could that be? everyone was fine last night before this werid person showed up outta the blue and took them away from forever!

Luck you,The county sent out a worker to take you to your best friends house for the night. Your told that if they wont keep you,your going to a foster home. Great! Just what I wanted to go to a strange house and live with people that arent my family. Why! Why would someome come after my family? What did my family do to deserve this type of treatment? To be killed off like rats in a attic? Why? Why? Why? That question isnt going to have a easy answer and you hope sometime soon you will get a clue to why this happened.

Your best friend Joanna gives you a big hug as you cry. You cant understand why this happened. Joanna's mom decides to let you live with them. Your family has known them for years.

Within a few short months things whirl around you. The house is sold the stuff inside give away or sold to make up the blance that was left on the house. Your best friend grows tried of you being there with her because you need more attention then she does. All you hear is her yelling at her mom or dad about how you hog to much of  their time. Your friends parnets tell her to be understanding about what happened to you. She just comments that she cant take much more of this that something has to change. 

You head back to school as if nothing happened but everyone knows what happened. Your 10th grade classmates act extra nice in a very chilling manner. You grow sick of this and walk into the office to talk to someone about it. Before you know it your yelling a ranting about how people are acting so diffrent because your older brother is gone. You cant stand the attention. No one seems to listen to you,Or so you think anyway. You storm out of the office and go to your next class. 

While in your history class your name is called over the intercom to come to the office." Oh great I am in some deep trouble now." you say outloud as you gather your things. You walk out the door and theres a man standing in the hallway telling you to come here that he needs to speak with you right now. You walk up to this man, You have never seen him before "who the hell are you and what is so damn important that it couldnt wait till I was outta class?:" the man looks at you smiles and introduces himself "Hello Katlin. I am sorry about your loss. My name is Mr Turner. I was your mom and dads lawyer. I hadnt not heard about what happened till I got back from my vacation a few days ago. I am so sorry for your loss of your family. I need to go over somethings with you. you see......" You stop him in mid sentence "Listen Mr Turner,Can this wait unitl after my school day is done? I need to be in class so I know what the hell I am doing for my homework. I am not letting my grades slip because you need to talk to me." You glare and start to turn away until he speaks again this time in a more agressive tone then before "Listen you spoiled princess, You might have been able to talk to your family and whoever else like that but I am in no mood to put up with it. You need to know this information. You need to make a wise choice who you live with. Because what I am about to tell you could pretty well put a target on your back...." Mr Turner stops letting you take in this knew imformation. you think to yourself oh god what if I have a ton of money or something maybe thats why hes acting this way????????????????? You quickly bow your head and quietly say "Mr turner I am sorry for coming across like that its just that this whole siutation has been really hard on me and I am not coping real well. My best friend is so sick of me being at her house she wants me to leave. Can we go somewhere private and talk about this so not everyone in the school knows whats going on?" You look at him awaiting a answer. He quickly nods and motions you to follow him out to his car. 

You get in and he drives over to a local mom and pop diner in your town where you get out and go in and sit at a table. Waitress comes and you order a soda he orders a cup of coffee. He clears his thoart and then opens his brief case to revel some paper work. you watch as he goes through it and only digs out a couple sheets that require someone to sign them.

He looks at you and clears his thoart again before starting to speak " Katlin, Your family didnt leave you with nothing they left you with alot of things you have to handle for here on out. Considering your sixteen your old enough to be out on your own in this state. You dont have to live with anyone. But I suggest it. They left you a house a car and five million dollars in cash from your dads investing and job he had." Mr Turner looks at you to make sure you understood what you heard.